SeungYoung OH

Bachelor's student | University of Seoul


163 Seoulsiripdae-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02504, Republic of Korea

Hello, my name is Seung Young OH and I am interested in artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on datasets and model similarity. As an AI enthusiast, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities that this field holds for the future and am dedicated to contributing to its growth and development.

I have a strong academic background in computer science and have honed my skills in machine learning, data analysis, and programming through coursework, personal projects and Lab experience. I am adept at utilizing programming languages such as Python and C, as well as tools such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and Scikit-learn, to develop and implement innovative AI solutions.

Thank you for considering my introduction, and I look forward to discussing my interests and experiences in further detail.

selected publications

  1. AJP
    WATAA: Web Alternative Text Authoring Assistant for Improving Web Content Accessibility